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Josip Markovic

A creative graphic designer with 10 years of experience in the field of design. All his positive energy is invested in his work. His personal visual is characterised by his two favourite colours: black & white. He loves what he does and pays a great attention to details. He has a great passion for design and music. He likes spending time in the nature and to watch videos of motivational speakers. So far he has worked on many different projects for clients from Croatia, Germany, Finland and the USA, including some famous names. His ambiton is moving him forward so that he is constantly learning and obtaining new skills. I f you would like to meet up with him and discuss any ideas, he will gladly join you.

Why name Boza Design?
Name is given as Josip´s nickname “Boza” that he got ever since his childhood. He is using name “Boza Design” to present himself as a brand.