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Svg icons not displayed in Mozilla Firefox?

Hi guys! Recently I encountered on problem where I worked with svg icons with use tag. I was surprised when I found that icons are not displayed in Firefox. After googling I still did not find a solution so I´ve tested it a little by myself. What I found out is that you must use [...]

2018-08-12T12:48:30+00:0012/ 08/ 2018|Blog|

CSS grid layout

I was pretty amazed a few weeks ago when I found out about css grid layout. This is really great and promising stuff!All the past problems that we had and all the tricks that we had to do are now in the past! Check out the videos below for more info and hear what [...]

2018-01-23T08:41:37+00:0022/ 01/ 2018|Blog|

Boza Design portfolio catalogue, test version

I have finally printed out and bound the test version of the portfolio catalogue of my works, the creation of which took me a long time. The catalogue has turned out alright for a test version, but it's far from what I want and imagine it to look like in the final version! Considering [...]

2017-08-22T07:39:08+00:0022/ 08/ 2017|Blog|

Review by Aaron Stainthorpe, My Dying Bride vocalist

I was pretty surprised when I got an email reply from Aaron Stainthorpe a couple of days ago. I had sent my "Cursed Dungeon" artwork for a review to Aaron, which came to life as a result of being inspired by listenig to his band's music. He took time to check out my whole website and here [...]

2017-08-18T15:35:51+00:0018/ 08/ 2017|Blog|

Facebook AI robots shut down after creating their own language!

As I was taking a walk in a forest with my friend Hrvoje yesterday, I got pretty shocked when he told me the news of the Facebook-created AI robots recently developing their own means of communication, incomprehensible to humans! Consequently, when their creators realised what was happening, the project got shut down immediately! Such [...]

2017-08-17T12:20:50+00:0015/ 08/ 2017|Blog|

Petar Radovic launched his Facebook page!

Cool news! My friend and illustrator partner Petar Radovic has created a personal Facebook page! Well, it was about time! :D Petar is a great artist and it is definitely worth to check it out! Here is the link: Regards! Photo credits: Petar Radovic

2017-08-04T12:21:21+00:0004/ 08/ 2017|Blog|

Congratulations to Boris Ljubičić!

I would like to send my congratulations to Mr. Boris Ljubičić for being awarded all three possible awards from Graphis (Platinum, Gold & Silver)! It is really an honor because Boris is one of my idols and comes from my hometown, and one of the works awarded (silver) is the logo of [...]

2017-08-03T06:51:53+00:0031/ 07/ 2017|Blog|

Updated website!

Hi guys! I´ve updated my website! I added a new portfolio, arranged everything in a clearer way, made it more organized, etc. The website runs WordPress, 4.8. and PHP 7.1. All the icons are retina ready and totally responsive! From now on you will also be able to read my blog which will be [...]

2017-08-03T07:58:58+00:0019/ 07/ 2017|Blog|