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Boza Design portfolio catalogue, test version

I have finally printed out and bound the test version of the portfolio catalogue of my works, the creation of which took me a long time. The catalogue has turned out alright for a test version, but it's far from what I want and imagine it to look like in the final version! Considering [...]

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Review by Aaron Stainthorpe, My Dying Bride vocalist

I was pretty surprised when I got an email reply from Aaron Stainthorpe a couple of days ago. I had sent my "Cursed Dungeon" artwork for a review to Aaron, which came to life as a result of being inspired by listenig to his band's music. He took time to check out my whole website and here [...]

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Facebook AI robots shut down after creating their own language!

As I was taking a walk in a forest with my friend Hrvoje yesterday, I got pretty shocked when he told me the news of the Facebook-created AI robots recently developing their own means of communication, incomprehensible to humans! Consequently, when their creators realised what was happening, the project got shut down immediately! Such [...]

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Petar Radovic launched his Facebook page!

Cool news! My friend and illustrator partner Petar Radovic has created a personal Facebook page! Well, it was about time! :D Petar is a great artist and it is definitely worth to check it out! Here is the link: Regards! Photo credits: Petar Radovic

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